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The Most Important Skill You Can Develop in Life is Mastering Your Own Mind

No matter what you want for your life, if you master this, then you master EVERYTHING.

Throughout my career in the healthcare field, I've met many different people. They come in for a variety of different reasons. Some would come to lose weight, some to improve a chronic condition, others to get out of pain. I would work with them, teaching them new skill sets like better eating choices, pain relief exercises, or supplement protocols. The list goes on. But no matter what I was trying to teach them, one thing would always remain constant. The real skill set they needed to learn was to master their own thinking and take charge of their mind. It was my own journey that allowed me to recognize this fact with my patients.

I still remember the exact moment when I had my own personal epiphany. I was thinking about all the different paths people take and the skills they develop along the way. Some people want to become skilled at something so they can have a great career. Others become skilled at a sport, or a hobby that they develop. This is what life is about. I was contemplating all the skills I had acquired throughout the years personally and professionally, along with what skills I would like to achieve in the future. It was in that profound moment that I realized the one skill that I would like most to master was that of controlling my own mind.

Now, understand that I had been working on my own personal development for over a decade at that point. I had been seeking, learning, and changing myself to pick up the pieces of my life and move forward; so, the process was ongoing already. But that very moment is when I realized that although I had been making huge changes in myself to meet specific goals, my mind would still go down the rabbit hole in certain circumstances. I decided then and there that the overall skill set I wanted to achieve was to become the master of my own thoughts. It's a very nuanced and subtle difference.

Normally our thoughts about things remain unchecked because they are based on the beliefs we hold or fears that we have. If we can make our mastering our own minds the primary goal, then all other goals will be met with more ease. If you have the skill set of being the master of your own mind, then you will be able to create thoughts that are in alignment with your goals. It's the subtle difference between focusing on the outer world versus focusing FIRST on the inner world. This is an ongoing process that takes place as you walk through your life.


1. Spend some time contemplating this concept of mastering your mind first and foremost and how it relates to ALL areas of your life including your health and wellness.

2. Make a formal decision that developing this skill set will be your primary goal.

3. Commit yourself to take action steps to become a master of your own mind.

“Make MASTERING YOUR MIND the primary skill you want to develop and all else will follow."

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