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A revolutionary approach to optimal health and well-being, integrating nutrition counseling, structured exercise and healthy living solutions, in an eight-week journey to a better you!

Create a Healthier U!

 Take a long-term and stable approach to your health and
wellness, rather than fixating on short-term and unsustainable results.
TotalHealth is a comprehensive system that aims to help you

achieve optimal physical, mental, and emotional wellness.  

Teamwork is the heart of our approach!

Your TotalHealth expert team:

Mindset Coach | Wellness Coach | Exercise Specialist

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How does TotalHealth work?
What are the benefits of TotalHealth?

We make it as easy as possible to get all the care you need to live your best life!



  • Personality Trait Analysis

  • Goal Setting Action Plan

  • Health Needs Plan

  • Nutrition Counseling

  • Well World App 2-Month Membership

  • Meal Planning and Preparation

  • Weekly Support Sessions

  • Health Summary Report Upon Completion

  • Small Group Exercise Program

  • Adopt and Maintain Healthy Behaviors

  • Curb the Risk of Lifestyle-Related Disease

  • Reduce Elevated Health Risks

  • Enhanced Sleep Quality

  • Reduced Stress and Tension

  • Increase Mood, Energy and Productivity

  • Improve Nutritional Deficiencies

  • Camaraderie and Support in a Safe Environment

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