Whole Person Health and Fitness

HealthFit is a new kind of place to make whole person health a reality!

"HealthFit is committed to helping our patients feel better in all aspects of their lives, be it physical, mental or emotional, by providing them with a comprehensive plan and the necessary guidance from licensed practitioners.


We understand that today’s fast-paced lifestyles make good health and wellness difficult for most people and we look to help our patients overcome this by working together with them to find the simplest solutions to their challenging situations - solutions that are easy to achieve and maintain. And with medical research supporting the benefits, both short-term and long-term, of steady movement and activity, it is our sole focus to help our patients to not only feel better but to move better."  

- Dr. Joe Musolino, HealthFit Founder and Clinic Director

​Holistic Approach

By blending healing techniques from both western and eastern philosophies of medicine and we work with you to help you find relief from whatever is ailing you (body, mind and spirit) to achieve optimal health and wellness while offering structured exercise programs to help you maintain an active, fulfilling lifestyle.

Our facility offers traditional and holistic practitioners and health coaches, yoga and meditation, and a private fitness and education center all in one location, leading to a "more balanced you."

Clinical expertise in:

Ø Spine, Joint and Sports Medicine 

Ø Performance and Movement Enhancement 

Ø Strength and Conditioning 

Ø Nutrition and Health Coaching 

Ø Life Balance and Wellness 

HealthFit Model