More Than A Workout, It's a Lifestyle

It's like getting an individualized training session in a small group setting with others

who can relate to you and who will inspire you to be the person you want to be.

​​Would you benefit from supportive instruction to achieve your fitness goals?

FitStart is designed for the individual who has never been in a regular exercise regimen and therefore needs supervised instruction in order to help them achieve a proper level of strength and conditioning.  Program will be comprised primarily of patients who have completed the acute care of their treatment under the care of the HealthFit clinical team and need to transition out of corrective exercises into a supportive, comprehensive strength and conditioning program. 

​​Enhance your body…improve your game!

Designed for the avid recreational golfer who is looking to lower their scores by identifying and correcting physical limitations that are preventing them from executing the proper mechanics to swing efficiently and play their best. With a focus on  the enhancement of lower body strength, upper body mobility, and core/spinal stability through an individualized approach, this program will allow you to build the repeatable and dependable swing that you’ve been searching for.

​​Are you leading the active lifestyle that you envisioned?

FitActive is designed for the senior individual  who is looking to overcome the barriers of aging through the increase in balance, coordination and cardiovascular fitness. Studies have shown the myriad of benefits of twice weekly resistance training and this program will provide all of these and more in a fun, socially engaging environment that is cost-effective for the senior with limited discretionary spending.



Does your child get the necessary recommended exercise that is essential to their growth and long-term health?

Designed for the young child who is beginning their involvement in organized sports and activities as well as those that are not and could benefit from the numerous positive aspects of regular exercise. Will be conducted in a fun, nurturing environment where parents are encouraged to be involved with less focus on traditional strength and conditioning protocols and more on increasing coordination while emphasizing the benefits of playtime.

​​Are you an young athlete looking to take your performance to the next level?

FitSport is designed for the pre-teen and teen athlete who competes in team or individual sports and is looking to enhance their sports-specific movements while also developing a higher level of strength and conditioning.Two levels of programs that are age and sex specific: (1) ages 10-14, a lower-level program focused on movement recruitment, balance and introductory strength and conditioning. (2) ages 15-18 a higher-level program focused on movement enhancement, flexibility and mobility, and advanced strength and conditioning.


HealthFit is newly built all-in-one medical, fitness, activity and performance center committed to helping our patients achieve optimal health, be it physical, mental or emotional, by providing them with a  comprehensive plan that is easy to achieve and maintain with the necessary guidance and support from experienced and friendly practitioners who feel more like family.

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