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Because getting older doesn't have to mean getting weaker

Tailor-made both for the individual who has little to no background in resistance training and is looking to get stronger as well as the former weightlifter who is ready to get back to pumping some iron.


This structured strength program is suited for the busy, middle-aged individual who is not seeing the results they’d expect from their current workout routine (if they even have one) and therefore is seeing firsthand the negative effects of getting older. 

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Components of the FitStrong 
program include:

  • Comprehensive fitness assessment and body composition screen.*

  • Program design based on screen findings. 

  • Twice-weekly small group exercise sessions with a focus on individualization:

    • Day 1: functional strength training

    • Day 2: supervised free-weight training 

    • End-of-program individual training
      regimen design.


  • Level 1- Takes the foundational movements learned in FitStart and increases the coordination, load, and volume to help
    you get functionally stronger.


  • Level 2- Next step enhancement of the Level 1 exercise prescription with an emphasis on developing muscle tone
    and increased stability.

Program fee: $395*

*Additional $50 fitness assessment fee applies to individuals new to HealthFit programs

Program days and times:

Mondays & Thursdays 6:00pm - 7:00 pm


Class maximum: Eight

FitStrong is an eight-week program you can join anytime - You choose your start date

  • How exactly does “golf fitness” differ from my current fitness routine or program?
    To have an efficient and repeatable golf swing it is essential that you get the most out of your physical capabilities. Every golfer out there has a different body type, posture, and level of strength and conditioning. Basic fitness regimens are beneficial to overall health and wellness but fail to address these adequately and specifically to allow you to enhance your body to optimize your swing.
  • What type of exercises will I be doing in the FitSwing program?
    That all depends on your body type and current fitness level. After having a 16-point physical screen and assessment supervised by a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI)-certified fitness instructor, a customized program will be designed that will specifically address your particular deficiencies. Whether it be a lack of core and spinal stability, lower body strength, or upper body mobility, to name a few, your individualized program will focus on what is needed to get you maximizing your body’s potential.
  • What does Titleist Performance Institute (TPI)-certified mean and how will that help my game?
    In 1997 the company that owns the brand Titleist built a 33-acre facility in California for the purpose of research and development of the golf swing. In 2003 the facility was overhauled to include a motion capture studio, a fully functional strength and conditioning facility, and a state-of-the-art club fitting building. This is now known as the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI). To become a TPI-certified instructor one must complete an online course, participate in a two-day, hands-on workshop, then finally pass an online test with a score of 80% or better. This rigorous and comprehensive training, along with the prestigious Titleist name, makes TPI Certification the gold standard in golf fitness.
  • What happens once I have completed the program? Will I lose the benefits if I do not stay with it?
    Outside of seeing your swing reach a level of optimization you have never reached completion of the program is just the first step in the journey of enhancing your body to improve your game. It is highly recommended that you develop a regular, consistent fitness routine to help you maintain the physical gains that you have made. Your FitSwing instructor can help you put together a program, or if you are one those individuals who prefers the accountability of working with someone, options are available following the eight weeks to keep you at the top of your game.
  • Is there anything else I should be doing to help my swing reach its peak efficiency?
    Three things lead to efficiency breakdowns in the golf swing: poor conditioning, poor mechanics, and poor equipment. The first one will be addressed through the 16-point physical screen and fitness assessment and subsequent individualized program design. The other two are the domain of TPI-certified golf professionals and club fitters. It is strongly recommended that you seek out the expertise of a golf professional to help isolate mechanical breakdowns in your swing as well as an expert club fitter to determine the best equipment specifications for you. If you are not sure who to turn to we can provide referrals to professionals that we have collaborated with and sincerely trust with our clientele.
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