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Because getting older
doesn’t have to mean getting weaker.
Tailor-made both for the individual who has little to no background in resistance training and is looking to get stronger as well as the former weightlifter who is ready to get back to pumping some iron. This structured strength program is suited for the busy, middle-aged individual who is not seeing the results they’d expect from their current workout routine (if they even have one) and therefore is seeing firsthand the negative effects of getting older. 


Fit Programs (11).png

Components of the program include:

  • Comprehensive fitness assessment and body composition screen.*

  • Program design based on screen findings. 

  • Twice-weekly small group exercise sessions with a focus on individualization:

    • Day 1: functional strength training

    • Day 2: supervised free-weight training 

  • End-of-program individual training regimen design.


Level 1- takes the foundational movements learned in FitStart and increases the coordination, load, and volume to help you get functionally stronger.

Level 2- next step enhancement of the Level 1 exercise prescription with an emphasis on developing muscle tone and increased stability.

Program fee: $385*

*Additional $50 fitness assessment fee applies to individuals new to HealthFit programs

Program days and times:

Monday & Thursday's 
6:00pm - 7:00 pm


Class maximum: Eight
Fitstrong is an eight-week program you can join anytime - You choose your start date

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