See How Fun and Motivating Exercising and Learning in a Group Can Be!

HealthFit offers a number of small group-based classes* and depending on your health and fitness goals and background are available to help you on your path to a healthier you.  These classes are purposely kept small in order to encourage an environment of camaraderie and community that we have found from experience is instrumental in our patients reaching optimal health and wellness.

From functional training and group exercise, to yoga and Pilates, whether you are a beginner or an advanced exerciser, add variety to your health and fitness program by attending one or more of our great selection of exercise classes offered weekly. All of our instructors are trained and certified and stay up to date on the latest fitness trends to provide the most innovative and motivating class formats.

Group classes and instructors are subject to change. Last minute cancellations may occur due to unavoidable circumstances.

* As of Tuesday, January 19, 2020 State of Illinois Governor's office announced, fitness centers can now open in-facility group fitness with up to 10 people or 25% capacity.   Our group classes are now being offered with the option to join virtually or in-house. Masks will be required to be worn at all times.  We will continue to monitor the states Covid-19 restrictions for changes and adjust if needed.



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Package Options
  1 Session  TotalFit Test-A-Class (virtual or in-house): Cost $25.00 
  8 Sessions TotalFit (virtual or in-house): Cost: $180.00
16 Sessions TotalFit (virtual or in-house): Cost $320.00

All sessions are 60-minutes and can be used to book any TotalFit class on schedule.  Max class size 6 during while covid-19 restrictions are in place.

Continue to protect yourself and others by working out in a safe way!


Group Exercise

Combines traditional resistance exercises with high-intensity interval training to give you the ultimate muscle pump and calorie burn. This class is geared towards highly motivated individuals who are looking for a comprehensive and challenging workout. It is perfectly suited for both the experienced workout warrior looking to mix things up as well as the newcomer who's ready to make the leap into fitness. 

Yoga Flow

A gentle yoga-based class that will exercise and mobilize your entire body. Combining stretching, movement and balance with breathing in a continuous flowing manner will increase your flexibility while engaging both your core and peripheral muscle groups to create a whole-body workout.
Mat required.

Functional Training

The format of this class varies with each session, mixing weight training with cardiovascular fitness in a way that will make your muscles stronger while keeping your heart pumping. Whether you are experienced in strength and conditioning or looking to build a solid foundation for the first time, this class will give you an intense full-body workout with a focus on individualization to help you function better at home, at work or in sports. Minimal equipment necessary. 

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