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Fit U

See How Fun and Motivating Exercising in a Small Group Can Be

HealthFit offers several small group-based classes* and depending on your goals and background are available to help you on your path to a healthier and fitter you. Called Fit U classes, these classes are purposely kept small to encourage an environment of camaraderie and community that we have found from experience is instrumental in our patients reaching optimal health and wellness.

From total body conditioning to functional training to yoga flow, whether you are a beginner or an advanced exercise junkie, add variety to your health and fitness regimen by attending one or more of our great selection of Fit U classes offered weekly. You can even simply choose which ones to attend through our self-service portal and then just show up! All our instructors are certified fitness experts and stay up to date on the latest fitness trends to provide the most innovative and motivating class formats.

Group classes and instructors are subject to change. Last minute cancellations may occur due to unavoidable circumstances.

Fit U classes

ONE PACKAGE | Multiple Class Options | Expert Instruction

​​  1 Session:   $25 
  8 Sessions: $195
16 Sessions: $345   
Fit U Plus - Unlimited Sessions 30 Days: $225                       

All sessions are 60 minutes and can be used to book any Fit U class on schedule. 
Maximum of ten
 (10) participants.  

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Total Body Conditioning

Combines traditional resistance exercises with interval training to give you the ultimate muscle pump and calorie burn. This class is geared towards highly motivated individuals who are looking for a comprehensive and challenging workout. 

Fit Programs (9).png

Cardio Core

Cardio Core is part high energy, heart pumping, cardio-intensive workout, and part core strengthening workout. The “Cardio” portion keeps it fun by mixing step, dance, and high-low impact aerobics, helping you burn calories while building your cardiovascular endurance. The “Core” part incorporates mat Pilates, stability balls, Bosu balls, and other equipment to help build a stronger core while improving your posture, flexibility, and balance. 

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Functional Training

The format of this class varies with each session, mixing weight training with cardiovascular fitness in a way that will make your muscles stronger while keeping your heart pumping. Whether you are experienced in strength and conditioning or looking to build a solid foundation for the first time, this class will give you an intense full-body workout with a focus on individualization to help you function better at home, at work or in sports. 

Fit Programs (14).png

Yoga Flow

Not your typical approach to yoga, this class will stretch your entire body while giving you a sense of “working out”. Combining mobilization, movement and balance with focused breathing in a continuous flowing manner increases your overall flexibility while engaging both your core and peripheral muscle groups to create a whole-body workout.  This not only gives you the benefits of traditional yoga but by increasing cardiovascular output has an aerobic effect so can be the perfect addition to your exercise routine.

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Fit 4 Mom

This fitness-centric approach to yoga, specially designed for the young mother who wants to get back to focusing on her health and well-being, combines elements of a faster paced Vinyasa yoga with components of aerobic fitness and resistance training. This dynamic, energizing, and time-efficient class provides all the tools a busy mom needs to reconnect to her inner strength, while also increasing metabolism, flexibility, and endurance, all in one powerful, total-body enhancing hour!

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*Our self-service portal allows you to manage your Fit account.  You can purchase and track your packages, book into and cancel your classes, check out our video library plus so much more!  With a user name and password to the portal you can also
access our mobile app "MemberMe+".

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