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Lead the Active Lifestyle You Envisioned

With life expectancies increasing, maintaining a consistent exercise routine as well as engaging social interactions can be a challenge to not only living longer, but living longer healthier.


Specially designed for the gracefully aging individual, FitSenior consists of twice weekly sessions that will get you stronger while also improving your mobility, coordination, and balance, the essential components that research supports time and again for a healthy lifespan. Done with like-minded individuals who strive to stay fit and active while developing a sense of community and building fellowship, all under the care of therapeutic fitness experts in a safe, nurturing setting where your best interests are always a priority.

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Dance Class

Components of the FitSenior
program include:

  • Program design based on comprehensive fitness assessment and body screen findings.

  • Twice weekly small group exercise sessions with a focus on individualization:

    • Day 1-functional strength/mobility training

    • Day 2-functional stability/balance training

Program fee: $320*

*Additional $50 fitness assessment fee applies to individuals new to HealthFit programs


Monday and Thursday 10:30 - 11:30 am

Class maximum: Ten

FitSenior is an eight-week program with a start and end date.  Email or call for next program start date and/or to register.

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