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Why Therapeutic Massage Works Wonders on Stress and Anxiety

Have you ever noticed when you are under a lot of stress and feeling really tense that you scrunch up your shoulders to your ears or clench your jaw while you sleep? Some people are conscious of this and others not so much. After long periods of tension you will start to feel discomfort in those areas because stress finds your weakest link. We all know that stress is bad for you both physically and mentally. The best way for you to minimize this on your own is to remember to move frequently, be it through regular exercise or simply spending some time alone enjoying the outdoors or reading a book. Also, doing something you normally don’t do (meditation, yoga) or something you try to be better at (learning to play an instrument or a new language) can help decrease your stress levels significantly.

If you find that these approaches are not getting the job done then your best bet is to get a therapeutic massage. Studies have shown that massage decreases muscle tension and increases your levels of dopamine, the hormone that helps you relax. And if you’ve ever treated yourself to a massage before you can fully appreciate how much better you feel just by having some downtime to disconnect from your overwhelming daily routine.

There are a lot of people who are feeling anxious with everything going on in the world right now and it all can be overwhelming as we get used to our “new normal”. Treating yourself to a massage can greatly reduce your anxiety. Setting up time for yourself in a stress-free and safe environment is just the thing you need to melt away all that tension.

Fun fact: Exercise and laughter both have been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, so much so that they actually help you live longer. So, get out and enjoy the spring weather, smile, and have some fun!


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