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Some Things You May Not Know About Diabetes and Massage

Massage helps increase circulation and when you have diabetes you have poor circulation and this affects your limbs, especially your hands and feet, which can also make you feel sore. When you don’t have proper circulation, healthy oxygenated blood isn’t able to reach your fingers and toes and that can cause the nerves in your hands/feet to go numb. Since most people with diabetes need to increase circulation in their limbs a therapeutic hand or foot massage can be very beneficial.

The main risk factors for diabetes are genetics, age, lack of exercise, poor diet and extreme stress. There are two types of diabetes: type-1 and type-2. Type-1 can affect anybody and is classified as an autoimmune disease (meaning your body attacks itself thinking it’s for your own good). Type-2 used to be seen only in adults but it’s starting to become more common in children, according to new case studies. Type-2 is mostly seen in people that are a combination of overweight, have an unhealthy diet and live a primarily sedentary (inactive) lifestyle. Unlike type-1 diabetes, healthy lifestyle changes can prevent type-2 diabetes, especially if it runs in the family and this can also slow the progression of getting pre-diabetes, a condition that leads to a number of health issues down the road.

Massage is wonderful but it can make you a little woozy when getting off the table even if you have normal blood sugar. If you have problems with your blood sugar it can make you extremely lightheaded and possibly lead to fainting. That may sound a little scary but you shouldn’t worry because if you are a diabetic you know the feeling and before you get to that point should check your blood sugar. That being said, if you have low blood sugar and feel woozy to the point of fainting, have a piece of candy or a glucose tablet in your pocket or in your purse in an easy to get to place.

Now that you know a little more about how diabetes can be helped by massage it doesn’t seem so scary does it? During Covid there have been a lot of people who have taken life by the “horns” so to speak and made drastic changes to their lives, self-care being one of them. If you are a diabetic then a terrific way to care for yourself better is to consider getting a massage. Or if you know someone who has diabetes, a massage is a wonderful gift, especially with the holidays just around the corner.

Fun fact: One-to-two cans of soda a day can increase your chances of getting type-2 diabetes by 22%-25%! Not to mention all of the other health effects drinking soda has. Try to replace a can with a glass of water. There’s any types of flavored sparkling waters to choose from that will do the trick.


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