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What Ancient Chinese Medicine Says About the Treatment of Type II Diabetes

You all know how common Type II Diabetes is in our country. Approximately 34 million Americans are dealing with diabetes, 10% of the population. And as more people become overweight, the number of people diagnosed with Type II Diabetes grows every year. For most people this is quite manageable if they are willing and able to make changes to their diet, get regular exercise, and in some cases take medication to regulate their blood sugar levels.

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine has been an effective way to help manage Type II diabetes for thousands of years. Even some of the oldest Chinese medicine literature makes reference to the treatment of this disease, calling it Xiao Ke, or Wasting Thirsting Disease.

Acupuncture can be used to assist you in better regulating the endocrine system, increasing the secretion of insulin, reducing insulin resistance, and better regulating the peripheral nerves. Additionally, if you are experiencing diabetic neuropathy, consistent acupuncture visits can treat the neuropathy, increasing feeling in the extremities and decreasing the numbness, pain, and tingling.

Maintaining healthy blood sugar levels is critical in the treatment of Type II diabetes, and acupuncture can be an incredibly effective tool to use alongside a healthy diet, exercise, and medication to maximize the benefits and help increase your quality of life.

Note: Although acupuncture is effective at helping to manage Type II Diabetes, it is not effective for the treatment of Type I Diabetes.

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