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Reach Your Goals and Change Your Life

By Dr. Amy Iaquinta Functional Medicine Practitioner

Sometimes life doesn’t go the way you expected it would. In fact, if you ask most people, nearly everyone has some area(s) of their life where things didn’t go “according to plan”. Well, that’s what happened to me too.

After experiencing some life-changing events, I found myself picking up the pieces of my own life. It has been a journey of learning and self-evolution. The profound truth I discovered is that everything first starts in the mind. If you can master your mind, you can master your life and achieve any goal.

I’ve worked with patients in the holistic healthcare field for 25 years. When my road took a major detour, I had to go within. Recreate my life. Master my mind. I did it. I’m doing it. It’s an ongoing process.

It took me years of intense study, implementation, and personal growth. But this self-journey imbued me with the strong desire to implement this knowledge into my health care practice. I found that people get much better results when their mindset is addressed.

I found there was so much information out there, some of it good, some of it completely ineffective for me. I spent years sifting through this information to whittle it down to what I found to be the fastest most effective techniques for me that yielded the greatest rewards. I began to streamline this information into laser-targeted tools so that everyone could get permanent changes without having to spend the massive amount of time and money that I did.

I now dedicate much of my time teaching clients the same mind-mastery techniques that I myself use so not only can they get lasting results and achieve their goals, but they can experience life in a more peaceful, fulfilling, and joyful way. This is my passion.

Your mindset affects every single area of your life. Find out how mindset coaching can help you reach your goals and change your life. Schedule an assessment today.

~ Dr. Amy Iaquinta


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