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Steven Kolhouse

Steven Kolhouse, ACE

Group Exercise Specialist


Steven brings a unique and exciting skill set to the HealthFit exercise programs.  As a certified personal trainer, he brings years of experience in exercise program design to the HealthFit team.  But it is the many years that he has dedicated to the growing and teaching of Capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian martial art that combines music, dance, acrobatics, martial arts, and culture into one intricate art form, that allows him to shine as a group fitness specialist.


In 2011, Steven sustained a hip injury which forced him down a long and difficult road of surgery and rehabilitation. This blessing in disguise led him to regular strength and stability training, both of which assist his art as well as prevent future injury. It was then that he decided he wanted to share his passion with all who are looking to lead healthier lifestyles through movement and exercise, and therefore he chose to become a certified personal trainer.


Over the years Steven has worked with clients starting as young as two-years old, with an emphasis on developing children and young adults, combining his expertise in fitness, martial arts and dance to teach programs that are not only physically engaging but fun.  He recognizes and values the importance of playtime to a child’s mental development and focuses on this often-overlooked aspect of fitness when working with kids. Stevens classes are always fun and engaging.

"I enjoy every minute of what he do!"


Personal Trainer - American Council on Exercise 



Capoeira, Balance, Stability, and Total Body Control

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