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Moving Health in a New Direction

Dr Joe Chiropractic adjustment


Group Exercise class at HealthFit


Wellness Consult with Dr Amy at HealthFit


Competent, Compassionate, Collaborative Care

HealthFit is a healthcare facility that integrates alternative treatments and therapies (the Health part) including chiropractic care, functional medicine, and therapeutic massage with structured exercise programs and classes (the Fit part) to help you feel better and move better, while also offering some aspects of both through numerous wellness options. 

Dr Joe Musolino and Dr Amy Iaquinta providers at HealthFit, Arlington Heights


HealthFit provides safe and effective treatment alternatives to medications and surgery without the negative side effects that can be associated with these. Among your partners here at HealthFit are licensed physicians, therapists, and practitioners who feel more like family and take the time to build genuine relationships to attend to your unique needs, goals and feelings and are committed to helping you in your pursuit of a more healthier, active, and happier life.


Getting you out of pain and feeling better overall is just the first step to optimal health and well-being. Getting you moving and more active is essential to keep you functioning at your best. Here at HealthFit we offer a variety of structured exercise programs to ensure that you maintain a pain-free and high-quality lifestyle.  Or if you need more flexibility, we have a selection of inspirational and fun classes suited to meet your fitness needs offered on various days and times for your convenience. 

FitU Group Exercise class
Dr Amy, FunctionalMedicine consult


Achieving a state of health and well-being can be challenging as many aspects need to be addressed, with a well-balanced diet, regular physical activity, and a strong mindset the most essential of these. HealthFit offers a variety of options to help you meet any, or all, of these, with our wellness team having years of experience providing the necessary guidance, support, and encouragement to help you not only be healthy, but happy, as you follow your path to the best version of you.

Our Difference

  • One-stop approach to health, fitness and wellness that not only is unique in nature but innovative​
  • Guidance and support from friendly and compassionate practitioners who feel more like family than clinicians
  • Evidence-based approach to musculoskeletal conditions, neck and back pain, joint and orthopedic conditions
  • Positive and nurturing environment that is instrumental in our patients reaching optimal health and wellness
  • A strong sense of community where camaraderie is encouraged and everyone has your back
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