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Multipurpose Activity and Performance Center

Our 1600-square foot, fully equipped activity and performance center, what we call Fit U, allows us to move your health and wellness in a new, and exciting, direction. We named it that because not only do we want to help you (or rather “U”) get fit but also because we want to educate you on how to take a more active role in creating a healthier you. It is a place where you will learn how to increase your movement and activity levels in a fun, supportive environment. You will work one-on-one with a therapeutic movement specialist in order to address those areas where the flexibility, mobility and stability in your spine, muscles, joints and other tissues are not where they need to be and therefore leading to your pain and/or other symptoms.

We also offer a number of small group-based exercise classes, programs, and workshops, and depending on your goals and fitness background one of these will be recommended to help on your path to a healthier you.  These are purposely kept small (no more than six participants) in order to encourage an environment of camaraderie and community that we have found from experience is instrumental in our patients reaching optimal health and wellness.

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