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Young Athletes Looking to Take their Game to the Next Level

Despite regular practice and dedication to a training regimen, today’s young athletes often find it difficult to develop the coordinated movement patterns and physical characteristics essential to accelerate their athletic development. This is particularly the case in sports where structured, supervised strength and conditioning programs are not readily available, such as soccer, volleyball, lacrosse, golf and tennis.

FitSport is specially designed to help athletes from ages 10 to 17 maximize their time and energies in a constructive and focused way that will ultimately lead to the enhancement of their skill set. Be it getting stronger and more powerful in the off-season, to better agility and balance when the games are being played, FitSport is the right “fit” for the young athlete who strives to optimize their training regimen but whose options are limited.

Football Match

Components of the FitSport program include:

  • Sports-specific movement screen and fitness assessment

  • Individual athlete program design based
    on findings


  • Twice weekly small group exercise sessions with a focus on individualization:

    • Day 1-functional strength training

    • Day 2-sports-specific skill development training

Program fee: $385

Tuesdays and Fridays at 4:00pm

Class maximum: Six

FitSport is an eight-week program that meets twice a week.

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