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Kathryn Larsen, RYT

Therapeutic Yoga and Meditation Instructor

Kathryn brings a unique and exciting approach to teaching movement and relaxation to the HealthFit team.  As a specialist in alignment and injury prevention, Kathryn is able to help her clients with physical, emotional, and cognitive challenges by adapting their movement to suit their individual needs.  The use of breath and mindfulness both also bring a therapeutic aspect to her teaching, which has shown itself to be especially beneficial to her clients in the mental health field. 


She notes that her strength as a teacher lies in her ability to make movement accessible to all individuals as well as in her ability to communicate instructions clearly, in a style and language that is easy to follow and understand.  Fun and humor are ever-present elements in Kathryn’s classes, where she always encourages people to “leave judgement at the door and just enjoy being you!”


“I fell in love with the discipline and after years of limited activity, I felt like my body liked me again!”

Kathryn comes to HealthFit with an extensive background in teaching movement of various types, including dance, group exercise, and other physical activities geared towards a diverse population of students.  She decided to pursue becoming a holistic healer after years of stress and poor posture had taken their toll on her health and wellness, completing 200-hours of training to become a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) in 2018. 


Education MA - Clinical Professional Psychology, 2014

Roosevelt University, Schaumburg, Illinois


200-Hours RYT, Registered Yoga Teacher 2018
Arlington Heights, Illinois


Yoga Alliance, 2018


Movement, Relaxation, Yoga, Alignment and Injury Prevention

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