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​We specialize in treating patients with low back pain, neck pain, headaches/migraines, disc problems, sports/work injuries, auto accidents, pregnancy care and much, much more. HealthFit provides safe and effective treatment alternatives to medications and surgery without the negative side effects that can be associated with these. Some of our treatments include chiropractic manipulation, manual therapeutic procedures, corrective exercise prescription, nutritional counseling and holistic therapies.

Among your partners here at HealthFit are licensed physicians, exercise and movement specialists and health coaches who feel more like family and take the time to build genuine relationships to attend to your unique needs, goals and feelings. The HealthFit team is committed to help you in your pursuit of a more active, healthier, happier life.

 Health Services



Ancient Medicine for a Modern World!

Improve Your Health From Head to Toe.

Licensed professional who specializes in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture  to relieve chronic pain, promote healing, and improve physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being through stimulation of specific points on the body (acupuncture points).

Kathi Wotal

Licensed Acupuncturist 


Functional Medicine

Addressing Chronic Conditions Holistically.

Functional medicine uses a comprehensive system of lab analysis, nutrition, and natural treatments that promote wellness and powerful restorative power within the body.  These wellness procedures work with the normal rhythm of the body bringing balance and healing by addressing the root cause of dysfunction.

Dr. Amy Iaquinta

Functional Medicine Practitioner


 Massage Therapy

A Powerful Tool To Your Health & Well-Being.

Licensed therapist who uses hands-on and instrument-assisted techniques to free up orthopedic joints and soft tissues in the muscles, tendons, ligaments and surrounding connective tissue that cause imbalances and lead to pain and dysfunction.

Mary Szklanecki

Licensed Massage Therapist

Chiropractic Care

Your First Line of Defense Against Pain.

Licensed health-care professional who specializes in diagnosing and treating disorders chiefly of the musculoskeletal system (such as back and neck pain).

Spinal manipulative therapy to identify muscular and skeletal dysfunction and restore better movement to the spine and non-spinal orthopedic joints which promotes healing and pain relief.

Dr. Joe Musolino

Chiropractic Physician

Chiropractic Care

Wellness Coaching

Don't Do It Alone! Get the Experience You Need to Reach Your Best Health and Sense of Well Being.

Certified individual who specializes in cutting edge intuitive listening, nutrition counseling, behavioral modification and habit change.

Scott Klasen

Wellness Coach