Enhance your body…improve your game!
Designed for the avid recreational golfer who is looking to lower their scores by identifying and correcting physical limitations that are preventing them from executing the proper mechanics to swing efficiently and play their best. With a focus on the enhancement of lower body strength, upper body mobility, and core/spinal stability through an individualized approach, this program will allow you to build the repeatable and dependable swing that you’ve been searching for.



Components of the program include:

  • 16-point physical screen supervised by a Titleist® Performance Institute-certified specialist.

  • Individual program design based on screen findings.

  • Twice-weekly small group exercise sessions with a focus on individualization:

    • Day 1-functional strength training

    • Day 2-stabilization and mobility training

Program fee:  $435.00
Class maximum: six
Tuesday's and Friday's 5:00 pm


FitSwing is an eight-week program and has a start and end date. 
Email or call for next start date.