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The right fit for your fitness needs.

FitStart is perfectly suited for the individual who has never been, or has not been for some time, in a structured exercise regimen and therefore needs supervised instruction in order to help them achieve a proper level of strength and conditioning.  Whether you are stepping into the world of fitness for the very first time or finally ready to get back on track, this twice weekly, eight-week program will teach you the foundational movements needed to function to your fullest while getting you to the proper level of fitness to optimize your health. All under the guidance of a qualified instructor in a supportive, motivating environment with like-minded individuals where camaraderie is strongly encouraged.

Components of the program include:

  • Program design based on comprehensive fitness assessment and body screen findings.

  • Twice weekly small group exercise sessions.

    • Day 1-functional strength training

    • Day 2-functional fitness & cardio

  • Ability to make-up a session in any of the FitU classes.

  • Structure and supervision of personal training in a supportive environment with individuals of like abilities and fitness statuses.

Program fee: $385*

*Additional $50 fitness assessment fee applies to individuals new to HealthFit programs

Tuesday's 6:00 pm & Saturday's 9:00 am 

Class maximum: Eight

FitStart is an eight-week program you can join anytime - you choose your start date whenever you are ready to kickstart your fitness!

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